Get your Photofacial in before Summer!

Welcome to spring in Chicago! The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to dedicate a little spring cleaning to your complexion with a laser facial. The photofacials that we offer especially target skin pigmentation caused by aging and sun damage. Our experienced servicers make individual recommendations for your skin type to best meet your needs. The laser treatments will tighten and brighten your skin in addition to making your brown spots fall off!


Be sure to call and schedule before the Chicago summer starts in full swing! You’ll want to keep your fresh face protected with SPF after the laser treatments! 708.479.4488

SouthWest Laser No. 5 for Kybella in the US

Whenever you’re considering an aesthetic treatment such as Kybella for the first time, it’s crucial that you are able to have confidence in who and what it is.

SouthWest Laser and MedSpa now ranks as the 5th medspa in the country for providing Kybella, the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that eliminates any sign of a double chin.

Quite literally, Kybella mimics the natural deoxycholic acid your body produces, and our servicers apply it to the under-chin area to physically destroy the fat under the chin for a beautiful jawline.

“Kybella has quickly gained popularity with our clients because it is an effective, no fuss, low-impact treatment that offers a sleeker neckline and profile, diminishing the appearance of a ‘double chin’,” said one of our RN Injectors, Pam Neitzel.

Climbing to the No. 5 slot gives our clients added confidence that they can trust us to get them the results they are looking for with minimal to no downtime for the procedure. We’re so proud of our team of injectors! They have undergone rigorous training to ensure our patients receive the best care and experience the best results!

How Kybella works

KYBELLA® is given during a series of in-office visits. The injection treatment may take roughly15 to 20 minutes. The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Fat cleared from the treatment area is processed through the body’s natural metabolic pathways.

For best results, clients may need 2 to 4 treatments, but we’ll give you a consultation to help you get a good idea of what your specific needs are.

Who is a candidate for Kybella?

If you experience submental fullness, a.k.a. the “double chin”. It’s a good fit for both men and women. The prescription treatment is available for those 18 and older. Some possible causes of submental fullness are genetics, weight gain and aging.

Why Kybella?

Even with diet or exercise, unwanted fullness beneath the chin may not go away, and it can make a person appear older or heavier than they actually are. Plus, this is one of the quickest, most low impact, and painless procedures available with outstanding results.

According to a 2015 survey by the American Cancer Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), more than two thirds of aesthetic oriented consumers are bothered by submental fullness — nearly as many as those bothered by lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

What to Expect from your Nurse Injector

What makes a good nurse injector? A good nurse injector is someone with a solid understanding of facial anatomy; a good sense of aesthetics; someone who puts safety first; and of course, the more experience the better.

The most important consideration for any Botox or Filler treatment is not the cost but the expertise of the nurse doing the injection. At SWL, we pride ourselves on the extensive experience and skill set possessed by all of our Nurse Injectors. Collectively, they have invaluable years of experience dedicated to non-surgical aesthetics. Each of our Injectors spent years working collaboratively with industry leaders and educators to remain current in cutting edge techniques.

Here are some things you should expect from your Nurse Injector:

  • Your nurse injector will review your health history: including any surgical procedures that have been performed, any allergies, medications, herbs, supplements, or over the counter medications you may be taking.
  • Your nurse injector will evaluate your face, your facial movement, and strength of your facial muscles.
  • Your nurse injector will explain to you how the Botox or Filler will work, what you can expect, and when you can expect to see results.
  • Your nurse injector will take photos for your confidential chart so that you can see the before and after images.
  • Your nurse injector will thoroughly cleanse your face with alcohol prior to any treatment.
  • Your nurse injector will review your post procedure instructions with you and schedule a follow up appointment if needed.

At Southwest our nurses strive to exceed your expectations as they focus on sophisticated procedures that help accentuate your natural beauty, conceal any imperfections, and restore youthfulness.




3 Questions with Dani

Many of our clients have been missing Dani in the month of January because she was on vacation with her husband and little munchkins! Now that she is back in the spa, I had the chance to ask her a few questions that I frequently hear, and also to catch up about her future plans!

1. What service is the most popular right now? Definitely micropens and photofacials because results are extremely noticeable.

2. What is the Skincare Diet? Skincare Diet is like fitness for your face. You use the proper ingredients and routine for optimal health. It’s how you treat your body as a whole. That’s how Dani customizes individual treatment plans for her clients to have young, glowing skin.

3. What’s next? After ten years working as a medical aesthetician, Dani is continuing her education to become a registered nurse injector!




By: Kat Walsh


5 habits to stop immediately

  1. Cut out the sugar: too much sugar can speed up skin aging in a process called glycation. Sugar attacks collagen elastin, which your skin needs for fullness and elasticity. The result: Your skin can wrinkle and sag.
  2. Stop smoking: This habit makes you more likely to get some skin cancers, leaves your skin sallow, and slows wound healing. It can make infections and scars, including acne scars, more likely, too. Do whatever it takes to quit.
  3. Stomach or side sleeping: This pushes your face forward and creates lines on your face and chest. It’s difficult to sleep on your back, but the less you sleep on your side or stomach, the better.
  4. Sleeping with make up on: This can lead to bacterial infections, clogged pores, and acne.
  5. Cut excessively hot showers: Extremely hot water strips your skin of the natural lipids leaving skin dry and itchy.


5 Habits to start immediately

  1. Daily SPF: even in the winter! UV radiation damages your skin, causing deep wrinkles, dry, rough skin, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer.
  2. Try for 7-8 hours of sleep/night: A good night’s sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate itself, repair free-radical damage, and build new collagen.
  3. Replace coffee with green tea: Coffee is dehydrating and processed. We suggest drinking green tea instead. It is high in antioxidants, which counteract free-radical damage throughout your system, including the skin.
  4. Exercise: By increasing circulation, your skin eliminates toxins. Exercise amps up detoxification, making your skin look brighter and healthier
  5. Take a fish oil supplement every day: The fatty acids in fish oil increase hydration, reduce inflammation, acne and also ward off wrinkles.

What makes us special

I love my job. So much so that I drive from downtown to the suburbs every day I come to work. Why? I love making people feel comfortable and welcome. I love my colleagues; it’s rare to find a workplace where so many girls can just get along. We’re all different, but driven by the same goal. We are all passionate about making others look good and feel better. Feeling good is more important than anything; it’s about confidence, comfort, and security.

After getting to know all of the servicers and support staff in Southwest Laser, I believe that what we do here is special. Love what you do. Believe in what you do. What we do is make a difference in the lives of everyone who comes in our doors. It doesn’t matter if our patient needs routine skin advice or a major life change. Not only are we confident in our ability to help, we have the tools, technology, and knowledge to make a difference.

I know because I’m also a customer. I’ll tell you more about that in the next post.