Finishing Touches

Waxing is a convenient and effective way to remove unwanted facial or body hair.  We offer waxing for all body parts, including eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, back, bikini, and anywhere else you might have undesired hair.  Following your treatment, a soothing lotion is applied to ensure comfort and to maintain softness.  You can expect to leave with smooth, beautiful skin!  Additionally, because the wax removes the hair follicle from the roots, the hair will not grow back for several weeks.

Eyelash Extensions allow longer, fuller lashes without mascara or worries.  Shavasana individual semi-permanent 100% silk lashes are luxurious, yet look natural.  Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting are quick and easy solutions for those who depend on eyebrow pencil and mascara to darken lightly colored eyebrow/eyelashes.  Results last up to 4-6 weeks, or the natural growth cycle of the brow/lashes.


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