January 10, 2015 daryl

New Year…New You!

For many, New Years is a transformative time of the year in which we all make promises in an effort to better our lives and ourselves.  Southwest Laser offers a variety of services that do just that!  In the spirit of the New Year, we asked our staff to share some treatments they would recommend to kick off 2015…

For those looking to ADD to their appearance, here are a couple of ideas!

*Longer Lashes!!!  Since the eyes are a major focal point, extenuating your lashes will draw attention to what many consider a favorite feature of the face.  Long, thick lashes give the face a youthful, innocent look and make the eyes naturally appear larger.

*Add some volume to those lips!!!  Your lips are another feature that draw in attention!  Cosmetic dermal fillers can redefine the mouth and create a natural looking balance between the upper and lower lip. 

While some may like to ADD to their looks, others may want something REDUCED!

*Slim & Tighten!!!  Try Venus!  Our newest body contouring/tightening device uses RF technology to reduce fat, cellulite  and stretch marks, while tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles.  Also consider a weight-loss steam tent to boost your results!

*Reduce unwanted hair and age/sun spots!!!  We offer the latest technology when it comes to laser skin care!  Our Sciton laser is an excellent solution to reduce undesirable hair and pigmentation issues.

Try something new, to create a healthier you!

*3 Day Detox!!!  Commit to 3 consecutive days at the spa!  How hard can that be?  Our Detox Steam Tent is designed to remove unwanted toxins that have been absorbed through the skin and accumulating in the body.   This is truly a fresh start to a new year!